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TIBÁ rchitects


TIBÁrchitects is consulting, design and construction studio, specialized in bio-architecture and intuitive technology.

At TIBÁrchitects, we understand bio-architecture as a way of building healthy spaces that identify with the essence of the place in which they are settled. In our projects, the spatial configuration originates from forms of nature. The implemented technologies are simple and ecological, creating a consistency between the the land, the spaces and the people who inhabit them.

In 2003, Peter Van Lengen and Verónica Flores Van Lengen bring together the first team of architects, agroecologists, geobiologists, permacultores and designers, founding TIBÁrchitects in Rio de Janeiro. The main objectives are social-environmental projects and ecological construction, encompassing the ecotechniques. Now pioneers in sustainable architecture, TIBÁrchitects rescues tradition and harmonize the construction within its ecosystem.

TIBÁrchitects was born out of the TIBÁ Institute of Intuitive Technology and Bio-Architecture, founded in 1987 by Rose and Johan Van Lengen, author of "The Barefoot Architect: A Handbook for Green Building".

Peter Van Lengen

has taken the theories of his father and put them into practice. Thus breaking new ground in bio-architecture, both in the development of alternative building technologies and a pioneer in eco-sanitation. As director of TIBÁrchitects and the TIBÁ Institute of Intuitive Technology and Bio-Architecture, Peter has built with his team of architects and agroecologists socio-environmental projects within communities, indigenous lands, ecovillages, inner city areas and historical centers, concentrating on natural resource restoration and the construction of fully sustainable buildings.

After his first encounter with the genius Ernst Gotsch in 2007 and Mariano Bueno in 2006, agroforestry and geobiology are a governing aspect and fundamental part of his architecture.

He is editor of the Barefoot Architect Handbook and in 2010 was the winner of the Planeta Casa Award for his social action in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2018 he was made Bamboo Ambassador for Brazil by the World Bamboo Organization.

His most recent work, the Imagina Cultural and Ecological Center of nearly 13,200 ft2, opened in 2016 to the joy of thousands of children and adolescents in the city of Leon, Guanajuato.