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Nhafuba, Mozambique. 2011

The TIBÁ team spent 4 weeks in the jungle near some hot springs, working with a community on the reforestation of their lands and the construction of a spa to attract tourist and create a boost to the economy. Having no material store nearby, it was a bio-architectural building in its most pure form. Everything had to be made on location; hence the environmental impact was close to zero. We adapted the same local techniques: straw, stones, wood and adobe.

The hot springs of the Etusi River.

Producing adobes using abandoned termite hill earth.

Cement, building scraps and wood walls as seen in the shanty towns of Quelimane.

Peter Van Lengen building the first African Bason.

Hotel Chuabo in Quelimane, an example of Mozambican-Portuguese architecture of the 60's.

The biological filters, guaranteeing absolutely no water pollution.

Our kitchen.

Example of rural Zambezian house, straw and wattle-and-daub.

Another earth home, this with three different types of soil used for plastering.

Provisional bath which was built for use during the project.

Forest gardening. 

The main hall of our project. Lakalaka are the rafters and Mushem, the dark earth of the termite hills.