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Pará, Brazil. 2015

In a vast area of the Amazon jungle, in a place full of chestnut trees, we lived in the village of Kawatum, in Mekregnotire territory, the southern part of the State of Pará for 22 days. The idea behind the visit was to generate new experiences and exchange of bio-construction technology and culture as a whole, but the most important aspect was how live at ease in the jungle with everything at hands reach and partake in a healthy dialogue with the ecosystem.  These are the teachings that the Chief Kokodjerite, his father-in-law Cauan, essential tribe leader and the inhabitants of the village gave us.

Below, the Chief Kokodjerite, Tribe Leader Cauan and Bioarchitect Peter Van Lengen.

Our biggest challenge was that tomorrow does not exist so cannot be programmed, that was a relaxing aspect and relief from our crazy habit of controlling time.

Organized groups went out into the jungle for materials such as palm leaves, logs, stones, bamboo and some basic resources like water, firewood, game meat and fruit.

We also went along to hunt and then eat all together the meat over a fire.

On the build, we made walls of wattle and daub with windows, our version and then Cauan´s version.

We painted the walls with clay, then polished with our flip-flops. We compacted the earthen floor with our feet. 

And to celebrate the end of the build we painted all our bodies with fine black lines made from Genipapo juice, an endemic fruit of the Amazon and coal.